Sunday, December 21, 2008


Right now my sister is finishing up grades for her chirrens in all her classes, and I finally had a full day at home today for the first time in 14 days.  The overall feeling I have is that of doneness, as in, stick a fork in me.  I actually took half a sick day on Friday and did all the crap I was supposed to do over the past two weekends but was at the office working on the office party instead.  I hit the grocery store and the vet (Hazel actually gave the vet a urine sample and Maddy is doing better than any of us could have hoped) and came home to do some laundry (sheets and things that Hazel has peed on in an attempt to reasert dominance over Maddy as her health improved).  While I did get some housecleaning done today, I've been spending time this week and weekend reading all the magazines I've gotten behind on (two months' worth), snuggling Maddy and Hazel, and relaxing in the steam room in my condo building.

Guy and I are leaving for Georgia early on Christmas Eve morning.  Guy will only be forced to hang out with my people for three days--he flies back to Denver on Boxing Day, and I'm flying back on New Year's Eve.  Hence, the next eight to fourteen days will be pretty quiet on WAD, mostly because I'm worn out and need some serious rest.  I'll try to post some  interesting photos or observations or som'n.  I hope everyone has a peaceful and restful holiday season.

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Have a Merry Christmas