Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Walking to Cherry Creek

Saturday mornings are my time.  I like to go for a long walk to somewhere I can have some coffee and read the comics section of the Rocky Mountain News, and then just aimlessly browse.  Either I walk over to a bookstore and peruse the shelves, or I head to Cherry Creek, the posh shopping area a couple of miles from downtown Denver.  One day just before the Christmas shopping season, I took my camera along.

Partly, I wanted to take pictures of some of the clothes they sell in Cherry Creek for exorbitant prices.  I want to show them to my mom and say, "Seriously, look what they're asking for this.  If you made this, you could ask for half their price, get it, and make a mint." 
I know!  I can't decide if I like the big bow in front or the asymmetrical hemline of the skirt?  And the shiny fabric of the jacket gives me swoonage.

This was supposed to be an image of a very chic grey jersey dress/jacket with feathery-foofy sleeves, but it ended up being of the shops behind me.  I still really like the photo, though.  There's something very 1950s-here's-a-moment-in-time about it.  Just another day on a street in a shopping district.


St. Blogwen said...

The first one might be ok if you like panniers.

Have a looovely Christmas!

ms. kitty said...

Have a great time in Georgia, Pixie, and thanks for your comments about the Maxican. My verification word is "sting"---what's up with that/

Jenny said...

You should check out the Neiman Marcus outlet store at Colorado Mills. $500 for a pair of jeans is a discount price? $250 for a sweater? Ha ha ha! My husband and I laugh every time we go by that store.

Your mom rocks... I think you should consider convincing her to move here. I'd love to buy her clothes. And I'm visitng from your sister's blog, just so ya know. ;)