Friday, January 9, 2009

Some good news for 2009

So, remember that job that I and a few others interviewed for?

We got it.

Thank you Mary, Joseph, and Renzo Piano, we got it.  Turns out we were the first firm to present, and we were not one of five but one of seven to interview for the gig.  Guy's firm was one of the firms that went for it, and for once they didn't get a gig that we both went after.

The job was really to be a series of jobs, as we were interviewing to be their firm for architectural services.  What this means is that anytime the hospital wants to renovate something, tear out a few walls and fix this or that, turn this area into another area, or even add on, they call us.  This is similar to the kind of work Design Associates does at MHRC (go here for the beginning of my MHRC travails).  I believe they're also interviewing contractors to do the intermittent work.

Speaking of MHRC, I got a nice phone call from Squidwort, thanking me for my kind words in my holiday card to him and just saying hi and seeing how I was.  Design Associates, like many companies, sends out holiday cards to clients and consultants, but I like to send some myself to clients I've worked with in the past year. I handmake my greeting cards, and I write something honest, specific, and positive in each one, like how much I appreciate someone's sense of humor, or their dedication to their facility, or their knowledge of a building or whatever.  I also got emails from two other hospital facility managers, thanking me for my card and sending along an FYI about some upcoming work at their facilities.  It would seem that the Personal Pixie Touch makes things happen, no?  Or maybe it's just that the New Year is so full of possibilities.


ms. kitty said...

That's great about the job, Pixie! It does feel like a better New Year than last year.

faded said...

That is fantastic. It sounds lie the best kind of work. It is not just a project but a steady flow work. I bet they hired DA so that could hire you.

Wilderness Gina said...

Me an ur Dad are laughing our asses off at those dumb assed relatives of his. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo. The Glovers can kiss our colective asses!

St. Blogwen said...

Tremenjous congratters! Bye-bye to looking busy, hello to being busy!

2H said...

That' the Pixie I know!

I wish you could bottle some of that pixie dust for me so I could fly around the room during my next presentation. I would love to see you in action some time.

We were interviewed for a major synagogue here fall of last year - and up a against some heavy hitters. We didn't stand a chance. I'm not even Jewish and I don't even know how we made the short list. We didn't have any previous experience with religious buildings.

Somehow were were chosen! I am left stunned and stammering as we start schematics. Thank Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.