Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've created a monster

Earlier this week, we had the first intern development seminar in a few months.  I got Bosley to join the interns (the few we have left) to explain how we at DA get work and talk about how we respond to potential projects and clients.  The small, hearty group that joined us really enjoyed it and couldn't wait for the next installment next month, at which point Bosley and I were going to compare two presentations that he and I had done together.  As we left the presentation this week, Bosley was almost...nervous.  "Well...they seemed like they were nodding at the right times, so maybe I didn't bore them completely...if I ever get too far off track, please bring me back," he said.  Bosley said this, y'all.  This is the guy who I've only ever see be smooth under fire, I mean smoooooov.  Dude can handle a tough room full of cranky facility managers, but when faced with a roomful of interns who feared this guy's wrath and were absolutely transfixed by his commentary, he was actually concerned about if he bored or annoyed them.

This afternoon, Veronica came up to me and said, "So, Bosley and I were talking just now, and we both agree that the entire office needs to hear what the interns heard at their seminar.  Next month, we'd like to do this week's presentation again, and I'll be there as well to fill in the gaps regarding how marketing works with the partners and the design teams."

Wow.  The entire office, huh?  Even associates and higher-up type folks?

"We want everyone at this," Veronica confirmed.  "I've even insisted that certain partners make it to this because they really need to understand how marketing fits in with getting work and writing and making proposals and presentations."

Again, wow.  Veronica had mentioned the idea of doing the intern job proposal/interview seminar for the entire office, but I was never quite sure how to make that happen.  My focus was always on training and teaching interns, not everyone.  I suppose I could chalk it up to my past experience--I've spent a lot of time in the past dragging people (usually my age or older than me) kicking and screaming towards success.  Essentially, I've raised a lot of people already, which might also explain why I'm 33 and have zero interest in children.  So, when I think about mentoring and teaching, I look to do that for people younger than me because I've wasted so much time trying to teach and help people my age or at my same level.  When Veronica proposed that this idea go to people at my level and higher, I was at a loss for moving that forward.  It just seemed like such a Sisyphan task; I felt like saying "If they wanted to know, they should freakin' I'm doing."  Everytime I've come up with an idea for a seminar, I've ended up learning as much as they did.  It wasn't my intention to start this so I could learn more, but it just ended up that way.  Fortunately, people who outrank me (who are the ones who should really run this) decided to take this to the general office public.  I'm glad to sit in the audience on this one.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you should be running DA. I've been in that situation where I was essentially teaching the principal of a firm how to run a firm, and I usually walked away from the conversation with me muttering "so who's driving this bus?"

One of the greatest assets a leader can possess is to be curious, and to allow that curiosity to enlarge your knowledge base. You should probably start writing out the things you want to change about DA once you're in charge.

Anonymous said...

epic WIN!

Srsly, sounds like you are doing a great job, there chica. Keep it up!