Friday, April 3, 2009

Money is tight, but Allah is tighter

Today's post title comes from a Muslim classmate of mine from college.  When commiserating about their bills and the cost of school, etc., my friend and her sister would eventually sigh and utter this phrase, and eventually things would work themselves out.  I had forgotten the phrase until yesterday.

Going over the last-minute details of my mortgage refi with my loan officer galperson, she confirmed the loan amount and rate and term (20-year for only $25 more a month than my present 30-year, holla!), and then she mentioned that my first new mortgage payment would be due June 1st.  "Wait," I stuttered.  "My next's d--..I don't ha....?"
"You're cutting out a bit, Pixie," said the loan officer galperson.
I laughed.  "Forgive me, I'm actually speechless for once," I chuckled.  "I wish my husband was here to see it.  No, I just want to make sure--are you saying that I don't have to make a mortgage payment until June?"
"Correct," she replied.  "You don't have to pay one for April or May."
"But I just sent in my April payment."
"They'll cut you a check in the next thrity days and redisburse the funds to you."

Hot damn.  I was freaking out because I have a big credit card bill coming up (a lot of things came up at once and ended up on the same month's bill), and I know we're gonna owe on taxes this year, even though I lost my ass in the stock market.  And suddenly, here's a tidy little influx of cash to help a Shorty out.  Nice.

Today at work before I left for my refi closing, I spoke with Bosley about the new surgery and ICU project I'll be working on with him.  One of my big concerns was volume--how busy was I going to be?  Would I have time available to help other project teams that I'd been helping for the past few months?  Bosley's answer: probably not.  "This project is going to keep you busy through August, most likely," he said.  "You might have a few hours here and there, but you're gonna be on this full time from Wednesday on."

More hot damn.  I'd been really freaked out about not being able to stay busy for the past few months, and this project is finally going forward.  And keeping me occupied through the summer?  Praise God/Allah/Yahweh/G_d/Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Today, my only prayer has been thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.

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xtine said...

Don't you love how things have a tendency to work themselves out?