Friday, May 29, 2009

Vay-cay-shun, all I ever wahn-ted...

Thank Jesus, Mary, and Eero Saarinen, I'm in Georgia finally for a long weekend with my sister, Miss Kitty. My plane landed last night around midnight in Atlanta, and about two minutes after they opened the door to our aircraft, the fragrant humidity wafted back into the plane and folks began exclaiming, "Man, I forgot how humid it was here! I was not ready for that!" I was thankful for that humidity, however--it makes my hair curl nice and purrty, and I don't have to wear moisturizer for the whole weekend.

Today was spent getting French manicures at our favorite li'l local spa, and tonight will be lasagna and brownies with Mom out at the Happy Kitten Farm, where the cats roam free, the dogs have a porch to sit on, and the cell phones don't pick up. Tomorrow will be more debauchery and evening drinks and cookout with Linda Lou, Kitty's colleague, for whom I'm doing the guest lecture. Sunday is yet more debauchery, and then Monday is the lecture (well, a girl's gotta work). I'll fly back Tuesday afternoon.

I can't begin to describe how ready I was/am for this long-ass weekend. I was so annoyed and furious at work (not a good way to be when you need to stay employed), and I really didn't have any tolerance for anything but reading magazines and going for a walk. Working out made me tired and annoyed, working made me cranky, and cleaning the house left me homocidal. So this weekend came at just the right time, before I ended up on the evening news, or worse, "Cops". So I'm gonna go hang out and do lots of nothing following by dropping some knowledge on the chirrens. Stay tuned: Monday is another architectural quiz, so be ready!


ms. kitty said...

I hope you have a wonderful time, Pixie. Sounds like you really really need it.

mizscarlett said...

yay yay!!!