Monday, June 1, 2009

Time for another Guess the Building Quiz!

Okay, just like last year when I went to do my architecture lecture, we're doing the quiz again.  


Here's the deal: if you wanna play, just for funsies, post your answers as a comment. I'll hold off on posting all the comments until I'm back from Georgia in order to give all my peeps some time before "pencils down." Whatchu do is write the letter of the following pictures for your guess of the answer. Bear in mind that some of these questions have more than one answer. So, have a look and give it a shot. And yes, I know that I have some architects in the my readership. You can play, too, my peoples.


The questions:

1.                  Which of these do you think is a church?

2.                  Which do you think is a government building?

3.                  Which do you think is a train station?

4.                  Which is a residence?

5.                  Which is a business or office building?

6.                  Which of these do you think was built before the Civil War (which was 1861-1865, for those that got a D in History)?

Building A:

Building B:

Building C:

Building D:

Building E:

Building F:

Rock on, and good luck!

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