Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In lieu of another real post, here's an interesting website

Nicole, a reader of WAD and contributor to The Fixer Upper Blog, has written this article on 100 Amazing Buildings Every Architecture Buff Should See. She's got the whole gambit covered, from Catal Hoyuk in Turkey from 3700 BCE up to the latest (and now world's tallest) tower in Dubai. Even if you're not going to visit these sites, it's a delightful Headline-News-type romp through architectural history.

I'm still enjoying my sister's visit, hence some of my laziness. The rest of my laziness is due to dealing with the latest crisis du jour at Gestalt HMO involving sequencing construction and providing temporary spaces for the various departments being remodeled. Regardless, I'm taking this Friday off for a day of relaxation and goofing off with Kitty before she heads back to Georgia.

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Miss Kitty said...

Your Hazel-rah is being loved on. >^..^< And hating every minute of it. She just walked near enough to the computer chair for me to pet her...and then sashayed away with a little "Meeert."