Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[slumping on the chaise with a glass of wine]

Y'all, Shorty is worn out. I just got done with the submission deadline for a presentation I'm doing later this year, and now I'm about to embark on the journey of four deadlines in nine days. This means that while there are plenty of interesting architectural activities going on (and even a little gossip to share), I just don't have the energy to blog it all for now. Instead, I'll share a few photos that my friend LFP took recently. LEP came out for a weekend to Denver (from Bawston, I sweah to Gawd), and we took him to the Museum of Contemporary Art, the latest cool architectural and cultural addition to the Denver landscape. Designed by David Adjaye, a starchitect I can actually tolerate, the building is made with a double exterior wall--1" black glass on the outside and white translucent panels on the inside--that eliminate the need for A/C (just an evaporative cooler is needed), which helped the building earn a LEED Gold rating.


BaxtersMum said...

whoa. How does black glass eliminate the need for A/C? Is it the insulating layers of "ceramic" insulation (as glass)? BEcause wow. Black Glass in Vegas? Ouchy on the people goign by if the light it right, and black = hot hot hot.
Hang in there chica. 90 miles an hour with your hair on fire is still a good look for you!

Small Town said...

Speaking of Denver architecture, I saw this article in AR and thought "what an awesome idea!". Ever hear about this?

The Four Writters said...

Your blog iz neato to the max! It's a shame you are to tired to blog right now, what you's be's needing is three other writers that can fill in for you. That's how I roll. BAM!

Baxtersmum is hilarious too. Dogs can be funny if giving the right outlet.