Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Visual Inspiration: Hidden Places, Quiet Edition

Last week was a busy one for me, and this week is shaping up to be no different. Hence, I'm having to use some unpublished images from one of my wanderings through Cherry Creek North. Between a two- to three-story bank and a five-story office building, there's this little courtyard/paved garden/altar.

Upon closer inspection, I found that there's a polished granite planter on the left side of the courtyard, and there appear to be a security gate over a door just on the left as well...

Wow. This little fountain with cast stone trim around a mosaic tile back makes this look so out of place, but the out of placeness isn't its fault. It's as if something much more spectacular and grand was here before, and when it was torn down to make way for the stucco/EIFS commercial building behemoths, this was allowed to stay, demurely and gracefully protected from the street.

And then, if you look just to the right of the fountain/altar...

A corporate commercial cavern, desolate and quiet on a Saturday morning, as if everyone was out and about and completely forgot about filling this space with the sound of business, as the business of life were rediscovered and suddenly more important.


faded said...

This is an outburst of imagination. Some one decided to add an accent to a space that would otherwise be anonymous and sterile. It becomes a small blessing or surprise as you move thru the space

Miss Kitty said...

Faded's point is brilliant!

If that planter-thing is a fountain in warmer weather, I bet it really is a small blessing for office workers to pass by it on a break and get a little glimpse of the natural world.

My word verification is exteersi. Hmmm.