Thursday, April 15, 2010

As soon as I get a new paddle, someone adds more $&*@ to the creek.

When I completed my deadline on Friday, Guy asked me to pick him up on my way home, as he was feeling under the weather. By the end of Friday, my day off after working like hell on the Gestalt 1st floor DD deadline, I finally came down with his bubonic death funk. While he was leveled more so than I, I've still had pretty low energy (about 50%-60% of Typical Pixie Energy Level), and I've been congested and had sinus goo draining into the back of my throat, which dries me out and leave my throat feeling raw. Meh.

Thing is, I really wasn't able to be sick this week. I got sick at the end of my day off, after mopping all the hardwood floors and cleaning out the fridge (Mom, plz 2 come vizit kthx, kitchen needs cleaning), and then I had to spend Tuesday getting ready for my Gestalt user group meetings, which took up most of Wednesday and Thursday. We had one more round of meetings with all five first floor departments to make sure that we have all their equipment and casework correct in the plans as we head into CDs, and then we had another user group meeting with the OB/GYN staff in Gestalt's Bierstadt building. That user group meeting today was a two-hour Bataan Death March of trying to find a good place to locate the advice nurses and the reception desk and the department head, one of the physicians, and the nurse manager continually changing their minds about who works where with whom and what they should be near. Ninety minutes in, I nearly stabbed one of the clients with my green pen and thought, "There isn't enough Sudafed to make this tolerable".

So I dig through hours of meetings and then go home and collapse, and I don't post on WAD or clean or catch up all my other writing projects or anything. And of course, I feel guilty for not getting more stuff done, but it feels like I'm not sick enough to stay home and not well enough to go to work. I'm not well enough to work out, but I'm not sick enough to sleep in. Not that I can sleep; I doze and then wake up and feel how dry and achy my throat feels, and then Guy starts snoring, then Hazel readjusts and curls up closer to me. (To be fair though, Guy hasn't slept in the same bed as me for nearly a week because he's been so uncomfortable and unable to breathe and sleep well.) At least tomorrow is a half-day for me. I can practice trying to rest with the extra time. Maybe.

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ms. kitty said...

Aw, Pixie, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. It's the pits to be snowed under at work and feel like you can't legitimately take a day or more to rest and recupe. Hope you're much better soon. And Guy too.