Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mary, Joseph, and Florence Nightengale, you must be joking.

We were supposed to get signoff from the OB/GYN clinic staff, but nay, 'twas not to be. Two of the nurse midwives showed up steaming because they were about to have an office with no window, so we had to do some fancy footwork to fix that, but then we were short another exam room. Just as we found that exam room again, the infection control director (who had been AWOL from these meetings for three weeks) finally showed up and nearly passed out when she saw how small the clean and soiled utility rooms were, so we spent some more time trying to find room for those. Finally, after everyone had left the meeting (because naturally it ran too long and everyone had meetings to go to and patients to see and things to do), it was just me, the Gestalt project manager, the head of OB/GYN staff, and the infection control gal, and we decided to take six seats out of the waiting room in order to get everything to work. Taking the six seats will leave them with only one less chair than they have now...but three more procedure rooms, which should help the waiting room empty out faster. They've been complaining up and down that they can't possibly lose any waiting space, because they're always full. Then how come no matter when we go up there to look at the space, the waiting room is never more than half full? So, at one point we gave them 48 chairs, compared to their existing 43, and now they'll have 42. But all the people who complain about not having enough waiting room space had already left the meeting by the time we figured out how to fix the clean/soiled utility issue.

If y'all won't tell, I won't tell.


ms. kitty said...

Sheesh, Pixie, sounds like what we went through building our new church!

BaxtersMum said...

I've been in waiting rooms that were staged HORRIBLY. I mean three people made the 20x30 room CROWDED.

How is their current room staged?

Miss Kitty said...

After a meeting like that, I think I would probably have soiled my drawers.

faded said...

This proves that doctors and nurses can be intelligent, but in this case they are not smart.

You have a room full of bright, passive aggressive little kids who are lacking a good department manager.