Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just relaxing, kthx

Here's a pic I took of an immaculately-maintained American Gothic/Victorian house in Key West in June 2010. I just like the way the sun was barely reflecting off of the multiple paint colors and the occupiable attic's windows. marvelous.

Just having a quiet weekend with the kittehs, who are both doing well (Hazel managed to get her appetite back, sorta). After swiffing the house and wiping down the bathroom and the kitchen, it's time to slum a bit on the balcony and enjoy my plants and my wee garden, form which I recently got some tomatoes and some green beans.


scarlett said...

yay on the Pixie Restoration 2010.
Don't rush the job. Do it right.


Miss Kitty said...

That's beautiful. Is it brick? Oh, an occupiable attic. [deep sigh]

My word verification is "gralters," which sounds like some obscure construction term...

ARCHITECT A: What's the matter?
ARCHITECT B: I'm going to kill that owner's rep.
ARCHITECT B: One minute it's, "We're on a budget here," and the next it's, "Can you add gralters on the south face of the building?"