Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Visual Inspiration: Teh Qte iz strong wif dis wun...

It's been about a month since we brought Gracie home from the shelter, and she's fitting in nicely...mostly.

Oh hai. i'z in ur flor, bein qte.

She was an outdoor kitty before, and while she appreciates the safety and spoilage of indoor life, she constantly watches through the patio screens, waiting for her chance to wander around on the balcony. She'll spend hours out there with me, just sitting on the little outdoor rug, half-chasing a fly, or sniffing the tomatoes.

Diz wun is reddy, mama! Let'z mayk sum pastah snauce!

Hazel, meanwhile, is less than thrilled.

Mama, teyke ur well-pedicured fut and put it up Gracie's butt, plz kthx.

Gracie has become dominant kitteh in some parts of the house--I've actually seen her reach out and swat Lulu-kitteh, who tries to brush it off as no big thing. Gracie gets some of the best seats in the house, but Hazel gets the spot of honor next to my butt on the bed.

Dis mai sleepee-playce..gzzzz.....

The detente extends to eating, though Gracie is always lurking--the vet says that she's not the 2.5 years old that the shelter said, probably more like barely 18 months old at the most and was probably pregnant on her first heat cycle. The vet thinks Gracie "wants" to be bigger. I want her to have a healthy bibbin (tummy) to match her new, spoiled/lazy lifestyle.

I tum bak latr and eet the rest of her fud om nom nom...

Hazel doesn't know what to do sometimes with this hyper little maniac in the house.

Ware she at? Did she go bek to sheltr? I hoap so!

Hazel also gets Spot of Honor next to me on the futon while watching TV. Recently, she burrowed under this blanket after getting into a scrap with Gracie and stayed like this for nearly five minutes.

If I kan't c hr, she kan't c meh!


Miss Kitty said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, poor Squazel-Rah! Her needs moar treets & hugz! >^..^<

Miss Kitty said...

Ur Gracie-kitteh still looks moth-eaten. Does her like to be brushed? Does her mind having her eerz nommed? :-P