Friday, August 27, 2010

(Very brief) update

The meeting with the upper mgmt went well, and it was rather curious to see how decisions do (or don't) get made here at Design Associates. Meanwhile, there was shock and appallment (is that even a word) at Prudence's behavior but no word on how that will play out. More details today/this weekend when I shake off this hangover from drinking margaritas with Scarlett last night.


Scarlett said...



or was it the sangria? I had more sangria than the ritas...

I dunno. But fuuuuuuuccccccccckkk I woke at 2am wondering if perhaps this "altitude + alcohol" combo should perhaps be bottled and shipped to Guantanmo for interrogation techniques.

Epic win! Tell MH Guy I'm sorry I couldn't stick around long enough for the threesome you promised. He'll just have to use his imagination.

ha ha ha ha!
Tell Hazel Am Vury Sad to Haf Missed the ALOOF KITTEH. Next tinme will schedule with her publicist. And mrrwow to Gracie!


Miss Kitty said...

EPIC LOLZ! Hang-ovarz 4 Pixie & Scarlett kthxbai! :-P