Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Visual Inspiration: Scenes from a Vegas weekend, Part 1

We did a lot over our anniversary weekend, so in order to do it justice I really need multiple posts, rly sry.

First, we landed at the Vegas Airport (McCarran), which is designed like a casino--shiny, overwhelming, and with little natural light. This photo does not do justice to the chaos.

Then we drove about two hours to the Amargosa Opera House and Motel, which is on the edge of the Death Valley National Park and is supposed to be haunted. The rooms were spare and old school--no TV or phone--but okay overall. I would go back to them; Guy, not so much.

The skylight over our shower.

Note the original early-20th-century bathroom tile and fixtures.

Hand painted murals on the rooms' walls.

If a room wasn't occupied, the door was just left open so you could walk around in it. This room was supposed to be haunted. I stood in it for three minutes and didn't hear anything. I'm a pretty shitty ghost hunter.

The Amargosa Motel in the morning light.

Then it was off to Death Valley. After breakfast at the Furnace Creek Inn, we headed to the lowest point in the U.S.--the salt flats. Standing on them at 282 feet below sea level, you could look up to a mountain right next to the flats that was over 11,000 feet above sea level. Talk about varied terrain.

There's a sign on this rock face waaaaaay over your head that says "SEA LEVEL". How cool is that?

Salt, salt, and salt. It's effing amazing.

Me: Is the ground salty?
Guy: I dunno, let's check.
Me: [leans over and licks the ground] Crap, it is!
Guy: [holding a piece of salt in his hand, standing upright] You know, you could have picked up a piece and licked it like a normal adult.

Just before this part of the road along Artist's Drive, the sigh says "DIP". No kidding.

Natural Bridge Canyon.

Closer to the parking lot in Natural Bridge Canyon.

Along Mosaic Canyon's hike.

Also along Mosaic Canyon's hike. The rock was so smooth you could slide down it.


paul mitchell said...

The hotel = AWESOME.

Is that chair...painted on the wall?

Scarlett said...

yeah yeah yeah, get to the good stuff...

like the automated window blinds and the thin walls at Aria.

ms. kitty said...

Wow, what a great trip, Pixie! Love the pictures.

Miss Kitty said...

LULZ @ the ground-licking anecdote. The pictures are awesome!

ms. kitty said...

Great pix, Pixie. Thanks---glad you had such a good time!