Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Visual Inspiration: Teh Qte and Teh Annoyed

It's been 9 months since Gracie came to live with us, and Hazel could not be more annoyed. Or chagrined. Or put-upon. Just look at this: a couple of weeks ago, both kittehs managed to coexist on the chaise together, but only because there was a pillow between them, which obstructed their views of each other.

Gracie's workin' it for the camera, and Hazel's all, "*sigh* Do you see this camera whore on the chaise with me? Embarrassing."

Oh, but Gracie's not going to stop working it. Not when she knows she has Mama's full atten-shunz. Lulu in the background wants none of this, unless maybe there's some tuna involved.

Oh, oh, OH! I'll see your rolling around on the chaise and raise you a rolling-over-on-top-of-my-head maneuver! I need a belleh skritch NAO!

Hazel, unaffected, snores quietly, just beyond the fray.

1 comment:

Miss Kitty said...

Poar Squazel-rah. [sigh] Life is so hard when you're this put-upon.

Ur Floof, meanwhile, needs serious ear-tweaking and belleh-jiggling. :-P