Thursday, July 14, 2011

Down with the Momness

"They want $1100 for this piece o' shit? It's single-ply sweatshirt material, and it's not even hemmed!"

Mom will be here for a week at the end of July, and thank God for it. She was last out in October of 2010, and we wanted to get her out here when she might be able to enjoy better weather, i.e., weather in which we could go for evening walks after work without being wrapped in polarfleece. Supposedly she's making me a dress very similar to the one she's mocking in the above photo, but we'll see. Not that I doubt her desire or skill, but she's been working on some commissions as well as some baby blankets and clothes for some relatives, so she's been busy. While we do still have her sewing machine here at the house (it hasn't moved from where she left it in 2010), I don't want her working like a galley slave or sewing like a 10-year-old Malaysian the whole week. It's her vacation. So far on our agenda for her visit, we have:
  • A visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens
  • A spa visit (massages and facials and pedicures, oh my!)
  • Happy hour with my boss (and one of DA's partners), Audrey
  • Fabric shopping at the legendary Allyn's on 6th Avenue
  • Window shopping/heckling in Cherry Creek North
We also have the baking of a turkey planned. I know, it's July. But taking the time to bake a turkey and eating well, plus having some turkey left over for other recipes...well, NOM. Plus, I'm sure we'll have some material for an Ask Mom, Mile High edition. Even better news: my usual Friday morning meeting got canceled for the Friday she's here, which means it looks like I can work out a four-day weekend with her. SQUEE!

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Miss Kitty said...


Is Audrey finally going to comission a couple of garments from Mom? She had mentioned that last fall; if she wants something custom-made and -fitted, now would be the time.