Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Momness in T minus 20 hours

I've been ignoring WAD for the past several days so that I could get some work done at the office plus prepare for Mom's arrival tomorrow. The work involved having to work yet another weekend in order to get through my DD set and make redlines and notes for my trusty and excellent interns to work on while I'm out for most of the next week. I'm at an offsite meeting for Uber MOB with Gestalt (we're reviewing the DD set with their headquarters via web conference back east) for two days, and then I'm out of the office playing hooky and having a good time with Mom for two days. Thank God for a long-ass weekend and a cool-ass mom.

In an effort to provide maximum Momness, I'll be attempting another "Ask Mom: Mile High Edition" in the next week or so. (See an example of Ask Mom on my sister's blog here.) Perhaps you have a burning question for my mom, or maybe you'd like advice from a woman who can assemble formwork for cast-in-place concrete just as easily as she can assemble a pattern for an amazing vintage replica dress. Whatever the case may be, feel free to ask a question, either in the comments or via email over on the side. Meanwhile, there will be plenty of other drivel and photos from our always-entertaining (at least for me) shopping and on-the-town excursions to share.


Nancy said...

Pixie's Mom - my basement windows have window-well covers that are those cheap plastic kind and they've gotten shredded in the past couple of years from the kids and the snow. My ex had screwed them to the concrete blocks below the siding and when I was trying to unscrew one of the bolts, I banged the screw-head up badly and now I can't unscrew it because there's nothing for the drill to catch on. I do have a set of Grabit drill bits and was planning on using those to try to get the screw out. Is there something I can do to make replacing the covers easier in the future?

Two bonus questions - how do I get rid of chipmunks, i.e. kill 'em good and dead? In the past I have left out poison packs in the garage for them (they dug up through a crack in the slab! and through the frame! in multiple spots!) and while the special candybars all disappeared, the little bastards are still alive. I probably can't sit on my deck with a .22 rifle and they're too quick for a shovel. Ideas?

Second bonus question - I'm having an ant problem in the house. I had sprayed the outside where I think they may have gotten in but they're finding other entrances. Is there a good way to uninvite them, i.e. kill 'em good and dead, without paying for an exterminator?


Miss Kitty said...

This is going to be all kinds of EPIC WIN.

Scarlett said...

Dear Mom,
Can you describe some fashion Wins and some fashion Woes for us girls who's chests are able to hold a place setting for 6. I have the damnednest time finding things that don't make me look like I'm either a street walker or a carnival tent.

Hugs from your Alabama niece in Las Vegas.

Miss Kitty said...

Yu R srsly ignoring ur blog. Ware iz Mommy poast? WAER?!?!

Miss Kitty said...

These questions are EPIC WIN. Plz awlso 2 C the question from St. Blogwen that I e-mailed, kthxbai.