Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Visual Inspiration: Still life with tomatoes that are actually growing

Though the tomato plants are a little wonky and not as big as usual, they are indeed here and producing, on a fine August morning in Denver. I got busy for a couple of days and forgot to harvest, so you can see some red (and ready) cherry tomatoes on the taller plant on the left and a few Romas on the short bushy plant on the right. At least something in my care is producing. usually I can either maintain a little (like the basil and the lavender) or it falters (as did the new gardenia when I forgot to water every thing for a few days in a row--sorry, Mom). I suppose we'll be making some chili or tortilla soup soon so we can put these lovely 'maters to good use. Not bad for growing five stories off the ground, eh?

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Miss Kitty said...

That is pretty good. And you're actually getting 'matoes even with a weird location, not quite as much daylight as a gardener would hope for, and a shorter growing season than in most places.

Mom & I wish we had grown shit-loads of basil in great big beds this summer. She put some fresh basil on garlic bread when we had spaghetti last week, and it was wonderful. So maybe next year one of us will grow a big-ass bed of basil and make/freeze fresh pesto. God knows nothing else in local gardens has done worth a damn this year, anyway. Okay, my neighbor's garden--the one she planted in 100 s.f. of my north yard because she didn't have any room, and also to save me from having to mow that extra grass--is doing all right, but she's been working her butt off and watering every. single. day.