Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Visual Inspiration: A week with Mom, in pictures

I don't always snuggy a kitteh, but when I do, I prefer a floofy one. Stay pesky, my friends.

Pixie, you need a new kitteh--this one's borked. It won't even play with a 'nip mousey with a jingle bell on it.

You wanna turn this frown upside down? Go pour me a glass of that white zinfandel we got from the corner liquor store yesterday, and use those crystal glasses from Tiffany that Dame Judith gave you for your wedding.

Ahhh, a relaxing cup of coffee at a lovely Cherry Creek brunch makes me nostalgic. Did I ever tell you about the time I nearly beat a man to death with my 22-oz Estwing framing hammer?

Man, I've been wanting to come to the Denver Botanic Gardens for about five years now. It's the only place I can get my horticultural nerd on....Jesus, how do they keep these bromeliads alive? In Denver, no less?!

The sign in these plants labels them as "Right Oregano". Is that why they're planted on the right side of this path? And this is Colorado--where's the "herb" garden labeled "kind bud?"

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Miss Kitty said...


Mommy talks a good game, but she wuvs kittehs. We know how she rolls. Mm-hmm.