Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Visual Inspiration: Strrrrreeeeeeetch!

Gracie sure knows how to live. Thirteen months after being adopted from the shelter to her forever home, she's lolled on a cushion in the living room in the sun, simultaneously taking a bath, rolling over, and stretching. Or as she calls it, multitasking.

I'm trying to get a bunch of crap done before Guy and I leave for a week in Yellowstone National Park next week. I'd say I'll keep my tens of readers posted, but what the hell would I keep you poor folks updated on? My lack of posting? :-p


ms. kitty said...

I love Yellowstone! Have a great time, Pixie!

Andrea said...

Keep us busy with kitty pics.

Miss Kitty said...


Rly sry, kitteh wuz 2 qte. Ur foto shud b awn ICanHasCheezburger!