Thursday, March 15, 2012

Call Rolling Stone: we're getting the band back together

Recently, Design Associates rehired my good friend Kellye to help out on all the healthcare work we have coming in. Kellye, as very-longtime WAD readers might recall, was (and is) a solid, licensed architect with a sharp eye for detail, an unflappable professionalism, and a wit so sharp that I have to remind him not to run with it or he'll put his eye out. Kellye is one of those rare people who is both actually good at his job and can make me laugh out loud. He'll be a good addition back to the office.

A few folks have been rehired in the past few months at DA, and we've added some new faces as well. For better or worse, the recession forced/allowed DA to shed some folks that weren't that good. A former coworker of mine has tried to get back in at DA a few times over the past year, but when she heard that only Howie and Bosley were hiring recently, it turned her off from re-re-reapplying--they were the ones she was working for when she was laid off three years ago, and she's had enough of them. Funny enough, when I asked Bosley about bringing back people who had been laid off, he specifically mentioned that former coworker as someone he wouldn't rehire. Guess that worked out nicely for everyone, then.

Adding to the fun of bringing Kellye back is that I'm finally going to be moving to a new desk this week after spending about six years at the same desk. I'm annoyed at moving, but at least it gave me the chance to clean my desk, and no one forced me to move while I was working on three deadlines at a time. My new desk will be next to Elliot (who was brought back several months ago) and over the wall from Kellye, who's working with Elliot right now, and Intern Tiffany, who will be working with me on a lot of master planning and concept design projects. So I'll be moving away from Intern Kimmy, whom I adore, and Ingrid and Norman, who have always been great colleagues with a good sense of humor, but I'll be moving closer to people that I hold in high regard (both personally and professionally). I also realized last week that I'll be moving away from the package pickup area, which means people will hopefully stop interrupting me to say hi just because they've come to pick up a package and were in the neighborhood. Maybe I'll actually get more done for once.


Lilylou said...

Congratulations on the big move, Pixie! Hope your new "locale" works out well.

Miss Kitty said...

This is going to be all kinds of EPIC WIN. Lots of silliness and Italian Job-style hijinks shall ensue. OK, the only Mini Coopers involved will be radio-controlled. But still. :-P