Monday, March 19, 2012

MomWatch 2012: The kittehs suspect nuffin

My amazing and hilarious mom is coming to visit this week. She flies in late Tuesday night and back out the next Wednesday midday. I always love having Mom visit, as she's fun, funny, and great company. Further making this visit interesting is that Guy is going to be out of town for two weeks straight, working on his big-ass project back east. I'm sure he's glad to be out of the house while Mom and I goober it up in here.

While I always enjoy having Mom here for the company, I usually have some ulterior motive for buying the plane ticket. usually it's just wanting her to help me with a few plants or to come sew a few garments for me. This time, though, it's construction. Three years ago, Guy built a sound wall in our bedroom to insulate us from the bedroom in the adjacent condo unit. Around that same time, Guy bought me a modular closet unit similar to those found at Container Store (relax, I actually asked for this unit for Christmas). For the past three-plus years, we've had my closet units leaned up against a wall in the hall, and we've stared at unfinished drywall in our bedroom. It's said that the cobbler's children have no shoes. I would add that the architect's house has no paint and shitty shelving.

So, Mom's coming out to help me knock some existing shelves out of the closet and then install the new shelving/rod system and paint the bedroom sound wall and my closet. Some of this she'll have to do when I'm at work, and some of this I'll be able to help her with. (The construction hours for our condo building are 8-4 on weekdays only, so anything involving drill bits and circular saws has to be done while I'm at work.) Further complicating this project is that it just happens to be coinciding with three huge presentations I'm having to make in the middle of the week, so I can't be home to help. Mom and I will have to work out what she can get done while I'm gone and what I can help with.

Meanwhile, the kittehs suspect nuffin. Hazel is curled up on the sofa on a fleece Hello Kitty blanket, and Gracie is scampering around like a goofball. I'm sure in between construction, sewing, and margarita/white wine sessions with Mom, there will be snuggling of kittehs.

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Lilylou said...

Sounds like a fun week! I know you'll keep us posted.