Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MomWatch 2012: ...and a good time was had by all!

A mom-approved dress at Nordstrom's in Cherry Creek.

Mom left earlier today after a nice morning together, which included a wonderful breakfast at Racine's (awfully quiet at 9:30 am, but I guess Denver's movers and shakers had already paid their mimosa tabs and left by then). We had a great week together, which was as always too short. The closet is done, and oh yes there will be posts and photos about the process. Mom was a real trooper for the whole week, from demoing the old shelving to finishing the new shelving. It was an amazing job; Mom was done in less than a week with a task that I clearly couldn't manage to accomplish in the past almost-three years. Well done, Mom!

We also managed to spend some time at the spa and wandering around Cherry Creek Mall, heckling the high fashion in Nordstrom's (as well as enjoying some of the handmade St. John dresses and jackets) and lusting over some YSL and Louboutin shoes at Saks. Speaking of Yves Saint Laurent, we saw his retrospective at the Denver Art Museum on its only U.S. stop. Every evening was spent trying new dishes and fantastic margaritas and various Rieslings at our favorite restaurants in Denver, and days were spent making messes and fixing shelving and snuggling my unhelpful kittehs, who appreciated the chance to go outside on the balcony in the unseasonably warm Denver weather. I appreciated it all the more, since I had three big presentations during part of the week she was here, and I was more than useless while she worked. I stumbled to my presentations in the mornings, to work in the afternoons, and then home to find that Mom had cleaned the kitchen in between putting up wood furring strips in the closet and spackling over chunks of fallen-away plaster in the closet.

It was indeed a wonderful week, and always too short a visit.


Lilylou said...

Lucky you, Pixie, to have your Mom alive and well and full of pizzazz. I'm glad your week was terrific!

Scarlett said...

Wilderness Gina KICKS TOTAL ASS!

Also, hope you're not too smokey. Those fires look bad. Good thing you are surrounded by concrete and glass and not trees!!

Miss Kitty said...

Lulz! Mommy's pretty efficient. She gets moar DUN in a day than many of us get done in three. I'm also rly sry that you didn't get to go fabric shopping. Mommy's always hilarious in the fabric store. :-P