Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Visual Quasi-Inspiration: Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2012

The monsoons from Mexico hit Friday afternoon, just in time to cool down the Mile High City for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.  Of course, those of you glued to the Weather Channel know that the heavy rains bring a mixed blessing to those fighting the wildfires: the rain puts out fires, but the lightning can also start blazes, plus the water sluicing over burnt ground tends to cause flash floods.  Some people never get a break, I swear...

But in the streets of Cherry Creek North, the arts were alive and well with folks showing off amazing paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works...and making a living off of selling them, no less.  Musicians kept the area humming with a stream of live performances, and the food vendors perfumed the neighborhood with spices and hickory smoke from their outdoor grilles.  I got some holiday shopping done ahead of time, and I also realized that I was really rested after a three-day weekend...rested enough to go home and do some art of my own.  Here's hoping everyone takes a break this July and does something good for their souls!

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