Thursday, July 19, 2012

On the door of a women's room in the basement of a Denver building...

Aw, man, I really gotta go, here's a--

Are you kidding me?  I'm in the basement and I gotta make a deposit at the First Bank of Vitreous China, and here's the sign I'm given?!  [flips up middle finger] Here's my sign for you and your toilet room apartheid.  

I've been in this toilet room, and I think I know why they haven't retrofitted it.  Making a stall inside the toilet room itself wouldn't be that hard, but there's a rather circuitous path from this door to the door of the actual toilet room.  I suppose they could put automatic openers on the doors--this one and the toilet room door--but those are generally $1,000 each and require running power, etc. to the doors and possibly changing doors and door frames.  Again, we're running into the equivalent-experience thing here.

Still, though, if I had to pee and I was in a wheelchair, and I saw this sign, I'd be mighty, um, pissed.

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Miss Kitty said...

....and gotta make a deposit at the First Bank of Vitreous China...

Most awesome. line. EVAR. Will use it somewhere, very soon. Don't know where, but I will.

Seems like the majority of public buildings were designed without wheelchair users in mind. Were I in a wheelchair, I'd be tempted to whizz right there in front of that door. But I'd probably get caught. :-( Fight the power!