Monday, July 2, 2012

The roof, the roof, the roof (and everything else) is on fire

Well, not exactly, but you get the point.  There are separate fires burning north of Denver, west of Denver, and south of Denver, and the recent record highs and lack of rain have not been helping matters. Generally here, it's been hitting 70 by 8am and then mid- to high-90s by 2pm, and humidity keeps scraping along at about 5%-15%.  (Meanwhile, Scarlett in Vegas snorts with laughter at our wah-wah-it's-so-dry-and-hot-here lamentations.)

Guy and I are safe, as we live five minutes from downtown Denver.  However, one of my coworkers had to evacuate her house while on vacation across the country.  (I don't know how she did it, but she did it.) Mostly you notice the fires here in town by smelling the air and finding a fine layer of soot/black dusty sand on everything outside...or on your floors if you left the windows open for a few hours.  I went out to swim the other morning, and it smelled like someone was having the mother of all cookouts.

So, I owe St. Blogwen the Patient and Beneficent an apology for not responding sooner re: the Gaping Maw of Burning Fury in the Mile High.  I've been writing an application on my own behalf to join a professional organization with great prestige (no, not the Masons) plus three presentation proposals to a variety of architect-y conferences.  And naturally, all of these things were due July 1st, so I spent most of June running like...well, my head was on fire.  I'm looking forward to a quiet July, but you know how well-laid plans of mice and men and pixies oft go astray. But here's hoping for some quiet time by the pool with a cheesy fashion magazine for the next few weekends in a row.


Lilylou said...

I just ache for those beautiful mountains, Pixie, and remember the time I spent exploring them, knowing that they are in danger. Though I feel sad for those having to evacuate, there's a certain wry "why the hell did you build there?" sentiment that keeps creeping into my thoughts. But, oh, to lose one's home, no matter where it's located---what sadness!

Miz Scarlett said...

Guilty as charged.

Except, we in the fifth circle of hell, who live here for months at a time, we have kick ass AC. And casinos, whose sole purpose is to freeze the money out of you.

Wondered if you and Guy had turned on the AC - suspected "aye, capitain, she's maxed out!"

I too have had hella deadline.

hugs from the balmy town of Vegas.
p.s. I have said three times to people back east complaining of the heat - "But its a DRY heat, isn't it? Now, doesn't that make you want to slap me?"

St. Blogwen said...

Thanks for the update. I totally understand about the deadlines, and thank heaven you were in a position to be dealing with them. I had a feeling that the air quality was suffering. You can't see much actual fires from where you are? Just as well.

Prayed in church yesterday for Colorado and Utah, for rain and relief and safety in the meantime. It can't be easy for those affected.

Prestigious professional organization, eh? Royal Academy or something? ;-) Hope you're admitted!