Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Visual Inspiration: Fancy Buildings in Toronto

The Bata Shoe Museum.  Yes, a museum full of shoes.  Yes, we went--it was compact but cool.  They had a Roger Vivier exhibit going on, with Serge Gainsbourg's music playing the background.  Talk about surreal.

Liebskind's addition to the Royal Ontario Museum.

There's a lot of construction in Toronto right now.  Canada didn't suffer as much as the U.S. in the recession, but that means that housing prices are a lot higher there than they are here.

The CN Tower.  You can pay $35 to go to the top, or you can buy an entree in the CN Tower's restaurant and see the view and exhibits included in the price of your lunch or dinner.  Lunch with a glass of wine at the CN will run you about  $45 or $50, but the food is fantastic and the view can't be beat.

Park near one of the marinas on Lake Ontario.

Flatiron-shaped building near the coast of Toronto (the city borders Lake Ontario).

Under the bridge of a small urban park at night.  I think this water was coming off of a cooling tower, but I couldn't quite tell.

Toronto's equivalent of Times Square.

Loft buildings on West Queen Street.  I saw some wonderful shops, but alas, very few queens.

Interior of Liebskind's museum addition.

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wilderness gina said...

um.... how many hits of X had Leibskin had when he did that "building"? yoiks and away.