Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Visual Inspiration: On the train

After a few days in Toronto, we took a train trip across Canada to Vancouver.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, under construction in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The original St. Joseph's Cathedral in Winnipeg.  It burned in the 1960s and was rebuilt on a site just behind this original shell, which is left standing and makes a marvelous public space.

The Cathedral had a graveyard for me to play in--yay!  This headstone was about 6 or 7 feet tall.  I held my camera above my head to get this shot.

Portage La Prairie was one of the stops along the rail line.  I think that's French for "Small Town with Few People."

Abandoned warehouse at one of the stops.  We were allowed to get out and walk around a bit while some folks got on and off the train.

This was the "new" train station in that small town.  Love the corner window detail.

This was the old train station in that town.  A lot of these towns looked like any minute now I was going to see Eddie Albert shinnying up a telephone pole to make a phone call.

Ah, the beginning of the Canadian Rockies....

More Canadian Rockies, on our way to Jasper, Alberta, where many passengers switched trains to go to Banff.

A WiFi-free cafe, where people actually might have to talk to each other--novel idea.

A street scene in Jasper.  It felt a lot like being in Estes Park, CO.

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W.G. the First said...

ooooo now I feel like a nudge. I'm in MickiD's using the internet.
I have a better appreciation of the grave stone if U could read French. Looks like someone wants a bath?