Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Visual Inspiration: Vancouver, eh?

We got off the train in Vancouver and spent a couple of days doodling around the city.

Gastown district of Vancouver.  Amazing little shops and restaurants. If I had to move to Vancouver, I'd insist on living here, even if I had to work three jobs to afford a 200 s.f. loft.

Along one of the main streets of Vancouver.  Great modern architecture and glass towers, which in some ways is similar to Toronto.

Yeah, y'know, we grow trees on top of our buildings cuz we're pretty much in a rain forest type environment.

Waterfront in Vancouver.  Damn, now that's a skyline.

Moshe Safdie's Vancouver Public Library.

A bit blurry, but Lexus was shooting a commercial in Gastown one night while we were there.  Reckon I'll keep my eyes peeled for this around Xmas.

Neon sign exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver. The buzzing in this room was almost deafening.

Ladies and gentlemen, the actual Riot Act.  You have been read it.  Now go.

Inside Safdie's library. 


Lilylou said...

I've been loving the pictures of your trip, Pixie! Hope you and Guy are well and having some fun now that you're back home again.

Willderness G said...

I LOVE THE RIOT ACT!!!!!! where can I get one? Neeeed it!

WG said...

Almos forgot. You need to go to they have a store in Arvada CA and they offer remodel services. Check it out.