Thursday, June 6, 2013

Things to which I shall look forward

First off, my mom is coming to visit for a whole week starting on July 4th. I plan to take the entire time off that she's here, and I pity the fool that attempts to interrupt our visit with some bullshit RFIs and shop drawings.

Second, the rooftop pool is open!! What's a little skin cancer, right? Kidding, sort of. I have some SPF 20 and 30 ready to go, so I can sit around by the pool for a few hours and brush up on my trash reading and naps. 

Third, I've got to get to Georgia to see my sister, Miss Kitty's, house in its new tidy and cleaned up state. Housekeeping ha been a struggle for her most of her life, but while taking the summer off this year from teaching and classes, she's been sending me pictures of her cleaning and purging efforts. The house (aka the Happy Kitten Cottage) looks amazing, and I want to go experience it firsthand.

Fourth, the farmers market is open in Cherry Creek North, and with my firmly-stated limits on my time this summer, I'll be spending more time walking and perusing the goodies at the market each Saturday morning.

And finally, Guy and I have decided on our late-September birthday trip this year. With all of the hotel points and frequent flyer miles he's built up in the last 18 months due to working on a project back east, we've decided to go to Paris and London for 9 days. We've been to both places before, but not when we had jobs and money. So now we're going as adults with Hilton Honors points to stay in decent hotels and take trains everywhere and eat amazing breads and chocolates and drink fantastic tea and beer and wine and what the fuck ever we want to do.

So yeah, good stuff to which we shall look forward.


Lilylou said...

Well, you do know how to take a vacation when you finally get the chance, doncha, Pixie? Sounds like good times ahead. Hope your Mom's shoulder is better and that a week with you will be just what she needs.

Vic said...

Yay you, Pixie! Everything sounds great. It's been well earned. Enjoy.

Scarlett said...

^ wants to go to London and Paris with you and be your photographer.

Instead, I am going to Paso Robles and going to drink and buy wine. Your trip might be cheaper.