Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Wow, do I feel better. We both feel better.

I have no idea what awaits me tomorrow at DA. I don't even have the energy or focus to be stressed about it. Las Vegas was mag-freaking-nificent. Four nights in a king-bed suite with a marble-tiled bath and a 69,000 sf spa downstairs and mad crazy lights everywhere and people-watching the weirdest mofos on the planet on one four-mile strip of road and standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon and being amazed that it actually is pretty damn grand and shopping at the big-ass Sephora store and walking around in your Audrey-Hepburn black Ann Taylor dress and the cutest shiny little black shoes ever at Emeril's in the MGM Grand and having your husband lean over and say "all the women are looking at you!" and having a small European woman rub you with hot basalt stones and oil for 80 minutes and having an exercise physiologist tell you that you're in even better shape than you were a year ago and laughing your ass off at a comedy show and strolling through the Forum Shops at Caesar's in your superfly leather pants and eating gelato while the fountains dance in front of the Bellagio...gives you perspective. And peace.

We partied like rock stars if rock stars started yawning at 9pm and had to be in bed by 11. In our defense, we were up pretty early every morning so we could make Bellagio's champagne brunch, get out of town to get to the Grand Canyon and back, etc. The nice thing about Vegas is that if you do it right, you can walk off a lot of your fantastic meals there. From Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere is four miles, though most of the action is between Luxor and the Wynn/Fashion Show Mall, which is more like 2-3 miles. The Stardust, just north of Fashion Show Mall, was just demolished to make way for a new fantastic resort/casino/megaplex, can't recall if it was for some Trump abomination.

We returned home to our two cats, Maddy and Hazel, who nearly overwhelmed us with their lukewarm welcome. It appeared that they'd been doing lines of catnip on the glass-topped Crate and Barrel dining room table, and they've been in the Bailey's again. Dammit. I just can't keep them on the wagon, those two. Actually, they were excited to see us until we fed them. Then, it was whut-evuh, talk to the paw. Maddy did jump in Guy's lap and snuggle up for a bit, but then Hazel walked in and she had to be cool again.

I'm sure I'll have crazy news tomorrow, sure the madness will return. But for now, I feel really, really good. Rested. (Okay, I am kinda sore from my personal training session and yoga class yesterday, but otherwise I do feel good.)


The Wandering Author said...

Pixie, you have two cats and you don't know the signs of catnip abuse yet? Real users prefer to catch a mouse, stuff it with catnip, bake it, and feast. They call 'em 'nipsqueaks... :-D

BaxterWatch said...

Sounds fan-freakin-tastic.

I went to Vegas for the first time over Thanksgiving. Got wined and dined by a friend who's a pilot in the Air Force there.

If he'd encourage me just a little tiny bit, i'd pack bags and move.

I discovered the best Margarita in the world at the Bellagio.

Glad you're back.