Sunday, February 4, 2007

Stupor Bowl

Guy and I have a tradition every year at Super Bowl time, which is to get ribs and baked beans from the barbeque shack (or is that barbecue shaque?) down the street and watch together, mostly critiquing the ads. Watching them doesn't make me want to buy a Chevy or a bottle of Sierra Mist, but they make me laugh. So, a few random thoughts on this Stupor Bowl Sunday:

  • I have such a low tolerance for football announcers. One of them said, "The rain is definitely having a little bit of an effect on this game." Wow! Definitely having a little bit of effect? Why not just say how unbelievably so-so something is? Or how compellingly okay it is?
  • Another line that made me laugh, spoken after yet another long Rex Grossman pass: "The Bears go downtown more than any other team in the NFL." Really? Must be why the Bears cheerleaders are smiling so widely.
  • Why is Prince wearing a headrag like he was just vacuuming and washing dishes before he whipped off his apron and ran out onto the field to do the halftime show?
  • Why is Prince doing a Foo Fighters song? What, he doesn't have enough well-known songs of his own for us Gen-X'ers to sing along with?
  • Know what this game's missing? John Madden reminding everyone just how important the quarterback is. (I know, I know, he's not employed by CBS....)
  • I know CSI is CBS' most popular show franchise, and I know the Super Bowl is in Miami tonight, but must I continually be subjected to David Caruso's overly-dramatic sunglasses-removal-intense-look combo in every single CSI: Miami clip? And why didn't Jade sink his career? Seriously!

Time for the second half.


faded said...

The only good add was Sprint's Connectile Dysfuntion ad. My wife and I laughed until we cried.

baxter's mum said...

Ah, announcers. They suck. My favorites are the ones that call my alma mater Georgia Tech University when it is actually an "Georgia Institute of Technology." grrrrrr. The worst part? They get paid much much much more than we do, and I can gar-run-tee you that 5 year olds in Alabama know more about football just by hearing about it growing up.

In similar vein: newscasters.

Heard on the news this past week:

"Most accidents involving automobiles and trains occur near rail road tracks."

Um. If that's most, where do the others happen???

Prince was awesome, do-rag not withstanding. Gotta love "Purple Rain" in the rain. ha. irony. in a Supa Bowl half time show. Beats J. Jackson's boob hands down!

Miss Kitty said...

I had the same thought about Prince's do-rag, though I loved his show and his Miami-Dolphins-team-colors outfit (though I was really hoping he'd wear purple metallic-type stuff). Only Prince could pull that off. [from end of "Purple Rain"] Ooooooh-oooh-oooh-ooooh!

I was reminded of George Orwell's "Politics and the English Language" while listening to the broadcasters call the game. SOmetimes I wonder if they're obscuring their true meanings on purpose...or is it something more nefarious?

OK, probably not. They're probably just not aware that they don't make any damn sense.

Sarge said...

The Bud Light commercial, picking up the hitch-hiker with the axe... "it's a bottle opener", only to end the commercial with "but he has a *chainsaw*!!!"


Best commercial of them all! Of course, that wasn't a difficult status to attain. Most of the commercials were lame, if not mega-lame. A number of repeats from well before the Super Bowl, too. I also noticed there were more promos for CBS programming than anything else. I guess companies didn't have much cash to throw at advertising this year.

As for the game...

Too bad the Bears gave up scoring in the middle of the second quarter, I was really hoping they'd put Peyton Manning in his place (on his ass, 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage). Alas, Tony Dungee proved that the well-rounded team will always triumph over a team that has only a defense or only an offense. Bully for Tony!

Architecturally, I don't much care for Dolphins Stadium; the chamfered rectangle of the main structure doesn't seem to work very well with the spiral ramps at the corners. Their drainage system wasn't working very well, either. So much for details!

wilderness gina said...

Personally I liked the Snickers commertial. I thought it was HYSTERICAL! But only because of all the southern men I know who WOULD DO something just like that! I swear! It's too Bee-zare to make up!
Yes. The Stadium looks like it was put together with Legos by a 5 year old. And David Caruso is a total creep out.