Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If it gets any cuter in here, I'm gonna barf.

I can barely move right now after getting my Valentine's Day present. Oh, get your minds out of the gutter...Mile High Guy bought me flowers and a big box of special edition Godiva truffles, and we just got back from dinner from the Italian restaurant two blocks from our house. Chianti + garlic rolls + calzone = Jabba-the-Hutt-sized sloth. And I still haven't broken the seal on the truffles. Eh.....

I also got a box of goodies from my wonderful sister with impeccable taste, Miss Kitty. She sent me a box of shirts for which she no longer had any use, some never or rarely worn. Wintersilk, Rave, Bebe...all good names with super-awesome taste. I love shopping at Miss Kitty's House of High Fashion and Tastefull Accessories. She also sent me a huge chunk of divinity. Those of you from the South know the white sugary-and-pecan goodness that is divinity. Those of you who don't: it looks like spray-on fireproofing, pulls apart like non-expansive caulk, and tastes like candied heaven.

She also sent along a few shirts our mom got us at a JC Penny sale, such as this hooded goodie:

Backstory is required here. Since I was eight years old, I have always been a Hello Kitty fan. As a girl, I had HK stickers and notebooks and purses and markers andeverything cute I could buy with my savings. In grad school, I used HK notebook paper to take notes in all my classes--hey it kept the rest of those class-skippin' mofos from "borrowing" my notes when they were too hung over to make our 9am Advanced Structures class. As a graduation present, Miss Kitty gave me an HK cordless phone, which I still use. Nothings as funny as watching big, hulking Mile High Guy walk around the house and talking on my cheezy-ass pink Hello Kitty phone. So, Mom's just keeping the pride alive. She also got me this shirt:

For my 16th birthday, my dad gave me a 1991 Ford Ranger with only 52 miles on it. In 2006, I sold it to Miss Kitty with 126,000+ miles on it. It was in decent shape, but I had to sell it because it's a standard cab pickup, and Guy is too big to comfortably fit in it for longer than a twenty-minute trip. You Chevy luvvahs can make all the jokes you like, but that little truck saw me through six years of school, two shitty boyfriends and an oversized husband, and several odd summer jobs. She drove between Small Town, GA and Denver twice, once when I moved there after grad school and once to come home and stay with Miss Kitty, who evidently thinks it's cute to put UGA stickers on my poor truck. No wonder it's in the shop again. If she continues to torture my poor Boo-Boo the Wonder Ranger, I shall be forced to tell everyone a goofy story about her.

One word, Kitty: Sauce.


<:3(___)~ Captain Obvious said...

Happy (yet belated) Valentines. I've been reading your blog since you started it. You're great at it!

I have got to ask, what's with the HK love? My professor had the same fascination with it and I was like... -____- "ok, what's that all about?"

Why doesn't she have a mouth? All I can guess is that she plays the role of an obedient female and acts as one within her "society". She never talks back and is always sweet. Yet, she's an adventurer, sometimes. Or.. Is it because she's cute and little and reminds you of your childhood?

Anyway, I just over-analyzed I guess.

Before I go, NICE shirts!!

Baxter's Mum said...


Aw, snap. You just let me know if she tries anything like that again. I'm closer and I can go see her and have a chat.

You just don't DO that kind of crap. That's like peeing on a manger scene at Christmas - in the South, that will get you lynched!!!

I had a Datsun pickup for high school. I got mom's old Honda half way through college - the Ranger at our house went to my little brother, but Dad still has it. He loves to drive up to the club house to play golf and park it next to the Mercedes and fancy pants cars. (He's got a Jag he won in a golf tournament, and mom now has a Lexus - but the Ranger is the best little truck. All of these nice cars have been brought to you buy The Daughter Who Was Dressed In Her Brother's Old Clothes In Order To Save Money)

Like the shirts. Tres Cool.

Miss Kitty said...

"Sauce" it up all you want, MHP. The UGA stickers stay on the truck. :-P

(The Ford shirt was from me, BTW. Mom sent the fleece ducky pullover and Hello Kitty hoodie.)

Mile High Pixie said...

Capt. Obvious: What a great feminist critique of Hello Kitty! I never thought of the no-mouth thing as being acquiescent! It might make sense, however, knowing that Hello Kitty is a Japanese creation from the late 1960s or 1970s. Sanrio, her parent company, began marketing her in the States in the mid 1980s, when I was a little girl and liked cute stuff. Now that that first wave of HK girls has grown up, the Sanrio stores sell adult goods: HK laptop cases, contact cases, stainless steel coffee mugs, and thongs. And evidetnly in Japan, you can buy Hello Kitty vibrators. Or maybe that was TMI.

Baxter's Mum: Dat's what I said. I told her to get some rubbing alcohol and peel that ig'nance offa my truck. You see what happens, though.... So did you buy your parents the nice cars? Or was it just that you suffered so they could eventually afford it? Cuz if you buy me an Escape Hybrid, I'll design B-Dawg his own Crib-style dawg house...

Kitty: Read it and weep.

<:3(___)~ Captain Obvious said...

wow! Thanks :) This makes sense. To please the old and loyal fans. That's sweet!