Saturday, August 4, 2007

Eight defining moments, see below

Evidently, because I started this post a few days ago, it posted itself a few posts down the page. So, scroll down a bit and you'll see my eight defining moments. For wahtever they're worth. I'm gonna go have some ice cream.


faded said...

Wow, you have received a great gift, a man who loves you. Enjoy the gift and love him as powerfully as you can.

St. Blogwen said...

Pardon me for butting in, but I enjoy your blog since your architectural career is so different from mine. Makes me wonder, "What if . . . ?"

Anyway, if you ever need to take a long time over a post and want it to appear on the day you finish it, click on "Post Options" at the bottom lefthand corner of the composition window in Blogger, and you can change the date there.

Of course, this allows you to backdate posts as well. Handy, if you start writing after midnight . . . )

Mile High Pixie said...

Faded, I do indeed have a good fellow in my Guy. I wouldn't trade him for anything or anyone.

St. Blogwen, thanks for the tip! I'm still kinda new to the blogging thing, and every bit of info helps. Glad to have a fellow architect (or architect-ish person) tuning in; it's a high compliment. Thanks for reading!