Thursday, August 9, 2007

oh hai plz doan take me to th vet todey k thx

Mama cam hoam errlee tody an i wuz happee. she givd me a treet an i eated it,,m, thn she pikd me up an put me in th carryer. do not want! i wen bak to th vett to chek on my limpie leg. limpy limpee limp./ they tuk more blud an peee (do not want!) an mayd me madd. thenn th vett sed hay letzx gib hrr ths powdr on hr fud an more mebbicines thre timz a weeek. iaxd MamA how long i hev to tayk th mebbicn an she sed puheveh.

Did I mention DO NOT WANT!

Now um hoam again an fell bettr. eatsd dinnr an layd in th hall wear itz cool.


Miss Kitty said...

OHHHHH!!! Poor Squaddy! Aunt Kitty wuvs det big kitteh!

BaxtersMum said...

Baxter sez:

Its OK, kitty. I went to the vet today too. Fortunately, I did not get shot. This time. But mum got some meds for my plane flight tonight - a WHOLE pill. I am only supposed to get a quarter of it. How she is going to cut it up so that I don't overdose and DIE on the SCARY PLANE THING I JUST DON'T KNOW!!!!!

vets are the pits.

not to mention - have you smelled that place? It has all SORTS of stink.

being home rocks.


p.s. I have the same Sherpa bag you do. But I have to live in it today for 6 HOURS under a seat on a plane.

We are NOT impressed, Mum.