Monday, August 6, 2007

Help, I need somebody, help, not just anybody...

Jann tried, I suppose. She did try. I was supposed to have help on wrapping up the construction documents (CDs) for Mile High Research Center's (MHRC) radiology suite this Friday. She got me one of the more talented interior designers upstairs whose projects all got quiet at once. Good deal. This gal helped me out for about a week, on and off, and then got pulled off to do something for one of her crabby interior design bosses. I was supposed to have her this week, as I mentioned, but when I talked to her Friday...

Me: So, Gal, when can you help me next week in between what Prudence has you working on?
Gal: (sighs) I have software training Monday through Wednesday, then I have to help Lucretia do finish boards on Friday, so it looks like I can only help on Thursday.

Me: (eyes bug out) I thought you were unbusy!
Gal: So did I. Except now I have more to do than when my project was going full steam!

I attempted to give Sarge some crap for the software training's timing, but that was not set by him so much as someone else further up the food chain than the two of us. "Believe me," he said, "it's Revit we're learning, and I don't find that particularly fun." So, I just spent an hour redlining a finish plan to give the interiors gal when she's back online this Thursday. The good news, however, is that she found some great finishes and colors to go into the project. I just need to whittle down her samples to a few, mark them up on the finish schedule, and she has license to ill when she gets out of her class.

Also of good news is that it's looking more and more like the dreaded Wednesday MHRC meeting will be cancelled this week. Squidwort is on vacation, and I'm meeting with the head of radiology (Merrill) tomorrow, so what would we talk about? Or more precisely, what would we give CEO Plankton to complain about? Nairn. If I can stay at the office and work, I'd rather do that. Better use of my time anyway.

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