Friday, October 5, 2007

And a good day was had by all

If he were still alive, my father would be 61 today. I make it a point to have fun on his birthday, as I think he would also try to do something fun on his birthday too. This morning, Norman and Elliot and I met for breakfast at Snore, a little brunchy spot near our neighborhood, and then at lunch Norman and I joined a couple of the admin gals for some kick-ass barbecue. Finally this evening, Guy will be returning home from an overnight business trip, at which point we'll go to our favorite Mexican restaurant for happy-birthday margaritas and chile rellenos and quesadillas. Elsewhere, my sister Miss Kitty presented her paper at a conference to rave reviews, so it seems. (As if we thought it would turn out any other way!)

Tomorrow, things continue to go well. I'll have the day to play and hang out with Guy, but the late afternoon belongs to my shopping pal from work, Ethel, with whom I am going for a manicure and then to dinner and THEN (are you listening, SpookyRach?) to see Spamalot.

And Sunday? I think I'll be sleeping all this off. That or cleaning the house like a madwoman for when Miss Kitty comes to see me next week.


Miss Kitty said...

As long as the kitteh ears are prepped for nibbling, you're OK and don't have to do or clean anything. :-P

BaxtersMum said...

Happy Birthday, Papa Pixie! I raise my glass to you!

Charlotte said...

You're going to see Spamalot? You've got some envy coming your way from me...I hope you have a great time!

Laundryman said...

Har, isn't remodel fun? Ever thought of carying a digital camera to document that type of crap for Squid, o his yelling stops short when you tell him the bad news?
Good luck