Monday, October 22, 2007

I suppose I could work at IHOP...

Things that I have discovered to be difficult on one foot/crutches/with a splint-cast:

  • Moving
  • Peeing
  • Getting through doors with closers on them
  • Carrying a bowl of cereal
  • Carrying anything
  • Answering a phone
  • Bathing
  • Working on the computer/blogging

Things that aren't that hard:

  • Not a whole hell of a lot

Getting around today--and there wasn't that much getting around in my house--has left me frustrated and with sore underarms from the crutches. It's every little thing, too. I want to lay down with my foot up and with ice on my ankle, but that requires getting magazines, pillows, ice in the pack, water, and phone all in one place. Then as I get almost settled, I have to pee. So it's back up and hophophopping to the can, frightening cats along the way. I'm just annoyed.

On the plus side, I have much to be thankful for. Ultimately, this handicap is temporary. Also, I'm glad I've taken as good care of my body as I have. Good upper body strength has made lifting myself off of surfaces--including out of the tub this morning--rather easy. My abs are in decent enough shape that I can move myself around, swinging my legs here and there, without too much trouble. Practice balancing in yoga has made balancing...well, not easy, per se, but easier than I imagine it would be. At the very least, I can still do activities with my upper body. But still. Argh.

Time for more Advil.


Miss Kitty said...

IHOP: where all the one-legged waitresses work.

Thank you, I am done with my political incorrectness for the day.

Evyl Fashionista said...

I feel your "loss of limb" pain. I was bitten by a stray cat last night and now my right hand is in a splint. Driving was my big one-handed adventure today.

Tom Harper said...

God, that really sucks. Sorry that happened. Careful you don't trip over any of your cats; you know how they love to go right where you're about to step.