Thursday, October 18, 2007

These boots are not made for walking

I spent way more time at MHRC today than I'd planned to. When you go to the site, and especially when you go to a meeting at MHRC, you can't just do the meeting and leave. The first meeting was to coordinate all the trades in the ceiling, but they all wanted me to come out to the procedure suite afterwards and look around at the ceiling, then the framing guy had questions, then Billy Ray showed me an entire wall that the demo contractors said they didn't have to take down per the drawings (but why they didn't ask why they weren't taking it down is beyond me--it was the only wall left standing in the whole 6,000 sf area, duh), get the drift.

I made it back to the office just in time to make the lunch presentation and was able to sit through most of it, but had to leave a little early (forgive me, Mikhail and Katya) so I could write a letter for Howie and then draw a detail of all the trades coming together in this one place in the ceiling, then rip back across town over to MHRC for another meeting about a clinic area they want to remodel. I had to walk and stand and walk and stand and answer questions about what are we doing in this room and the drawings say this but the narrative says that and that's not a built-in cabinet and what sink did we use in here. That walk was followed by a long meeting with Billy Ray, resolving the last of the issues I have to include in the PR I'm issuing tomorrow. I made it back to the office at 4:45, just in time to turn in my timesheet and meet my friend Vinnie for a drink.

I wore the cutest boots today, and for normal wear they're quite comfortable. But with all the walking and standing and tromping across rough concrete slabs, my feet freakin' hurt.

But I did look cute.

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Charlotte said...

Sometimes we must suffer for the cause of cuteness. ;)