Sunday, December 16, 2007

Busy but happy, for now

The lack of posts this week has been due to rushing around fixing flooring issues, getting changes made in MHRC radiology to accommodate the new equipment, and oh, cleaning the house for a spur-of-the-moment visit from Jimmy Ray. Long time readers of WAD may recall Jimmy Ray, our much-beloved fellow employee at Design Associates and disco fan, who moved to Chicago with his wife when she got a promotion. Jimmy Ray got a last minute deal on airfare and came out for a weekend of tearing up the slopes on his snowboard, taking Guy careening down the slopes with him. And they have--they hit the slopes yesterday and are back on them today. While they're 'boarding, I've been spending time at the spa, grocery store, and maybe even the gym...or maybe just do my nails and hang out.

It's been good to catch up with Jimmy Ray, and him being in town brought a lot of DA employees out to cavort and hang out. Well, cavort as much as we thirtysomethings can. I've never been able to rock-and-roll all night and party every day, but us 30+-aged folks weren't worth a damn on Friday night at the pool hall/bar we congregated at. We broke up the party at 8:15 pm, leaving the younger interns from DA to carry on. We went out last night before a movie to our favorite Mexican watering hole/restaurant and were only able to have one margarita each so we wouldn't have to get up in the middle of the movie to go pee. How did we get this lame? When did we get uncool?

Jimmy Ray flies out tomorrow morning, and then it's all bidness. I have a PR to get out next week as well as shop drawings from the radiology equipment for MHRC. Right after I get the PR out, we leave after work on Friday to go back to St. Louis for Christmas to visit Guy's family. It's going to be a whirlwind of a week, but I'll try to keep things interesting for all my peeps.


Miss Kitty said...

So how does Jimmy Ray like your kittehs? How do kittehs like him? >^..^<

Mile High Pixie said...

Hazel hid, of course, but Maddy rollrollrolled on his snowboard cover and played the scratch-my-tummeh game all last night. We wuvved Mr. Jimmy Ray!

BaxtersMum said...

B-dawg would hang 10 (or what ever the boarders do - I'm a skier) instead of the rolling.

unless of course his board smelled like something dead... then all bets are off.

I'm a one margarita girl too - I'm a one drink girl unless I'm at home. On my own couch. giggling. And then falling asleep. On my own couch.

Miss Kitty said...

Are you going to do an I Can Has Cheezburger? for the Squidwort situation? :-P