Monday, December 31, 2007

Whiz kitten

We isolated Hazel in the bathroom at 8:45 am on Sunday. The scene fifteen minutes later was this:

At the bottom of the photo is a bowl of water. The dark thing in the middle of the floor is an aluminum pie pan with the non-absorbent litter pellets for collecting the Golden Compass--um, cat whiz. You can just see Hazel behind Guy's toilet at the top of the photo. Sadly, this was the scene for most of the morning.

Everytime either Guy or I went into the bathroom to check on her, at least once an hour, she was firmly ensconced behind Guy's toilet. At one point, I sat with her for a few minutes in my lap, and she purred so loud that she was nearly chirping. Hazel was quiet but stressed--she only meowed when one of us came in, and it was a low, pitiful whiny mew, remeniscent of the yelps she made when she was only eight weeks old and trapped in a well on my mom's property. Hazel was beside herself, and I was beside myself. "Just pee, pwincess!" I implored each time I went into the room. "Det's all Mama needs is for it to pee!"

It was 5 pm and there was still no pee. I did the only thing I knew to do: I called Mom. "She's not peeing because she thinks she's being punished," said Mom. "Go clean out one of the regular litter boxes and pour the pellets in there. And go spend some time with her so she knows she's not in trouble."

So I did as Mom said. I sat in the floor and read a book while dinner was in the oven, and Hazel slowly came out from behind the can for a petting.

Finally, at 9:15 pm, twelve and a half hours after lockdown, I went into the bathroom and noticed some liquid in the box: Hazel finally went pee. I hollered hallelujah (or maybe it was "SHE PEEEEEEEED!"), and he joined me in the bathroom. While I used a small syringe to draw the pee out of the box and into a collection cup, Guy pet Hazel.

Guy: What a good girl, Hazel! Good girl! Let's get you out of here! [picks up Hazel]

Pixie: [offended} You bastard!

Guy: What?

Pixie: Are you gonna be the "good guy" and "rescue" her from Mommy and the awful bathroom?

Guy: Oh--my--God! Are you gonna be petty about this?

Pixie: [hand and pee-filled syringe on hip] Damn straight I am!

So far, there's been no passive-aggressive pee puddles anywhere in the house, and Hazel has mostly forgiven us. She was a little skittish around the house last night, but after I went to bed, she actually jumped on the bed with me and curled up for a bit. (Yes, sweetie, Mama saved you from the big bad bathroom....)

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Miss Kitty said...

Ohhhh, poor kitteh! Um hope your Squazel-rah has recovered by now. :-P