Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I’ve said very little about, Kellye, a coworker of mine who sits just over the 42” high partition from me, right next to Elliot. That I have said little about him is not because he’s inconsequential. Kellye, a second-generation Irishman (“I don’t have the accent, but I have Irish fighting eyes—they’re sunk in my skull so you can’t punch them in”) who is also a recently licensed architect (last year, just like Guy and me), Kellye can only be described with two words: freaking hilarious. Okay, three: subtly, freaking hilarious. With a straight face, Kellye can say something that leaves me weak and weeping with laughter, collapsed in my office chair. A sample of his wit:

Pixie: Did y’all hear that Frank Gehry is getting sued?
Elliot: Yeah, I’d sue because his stuff looks like holy hell.
Pixie: I mean, people make fun of Michael Graves for making weird stuff—
Kellye: Well, at least he got over his Facadism before he did the Denver Public Library.
Norman: [turning around from his monitor] Well, he does two-dimensional stuff because he has no depth perception. He’s blind in one eye.

Pixie: Really? That explains why that one eye always looks like this. [holds right hand in front of right eye, curling fingers and aiming hand off to right side]
Kellye: [raises an eyebrow] His right eye looks like it has a claw coming out of it?

Pixie: BAAAhahaaaa!! No, I mean, it looks…haahahaaaa!!
Elliot: It does always look crooked, like he’s looking around you, in a curve!
Kellye: He’s looking toward the future.
[everyone laughs]
Kellye: [not even looking up from his computer monitor] Evidently, the future is about twenty degrees to your left and ten feet behind you.
Pixie: [helpless with laughter, wheezing]


faded said...

Congratulations are in order! You folks have opened a new field of study in architectural historians. We can study buildings and see what kind of vision problems the architect has or had. Maybe even determine the kind of corrective glasses the architect wore.

On another note I found out about a class mate of mine from architecture school, DeRuyter O. Butler. He was the hardest working guy I have ever met. He went to school full time, paid for all his schooling, worked full time at the post office at night, supported and raised his younger sister and younger brother and bought a house while he was in college.

I was reading the alumni magazine and there is a full article on him. His design credits include the following hotels, the Mirage, Treasure Island, the Bellagio and the Wynn Los Vegas. He done good.

BaxtersMum said...

coming to denver in a week or two for interview - staying at the hyatt - wanna have lunch?

sorry - no bdawg this trip

Miss Kitty said...

Why do I keep having flashbacks to Doc Brown in "Back to the Future" when I read that last part about Graves? :-P

Mile High Pixie said...

Faded: that is good news indeed. Isn't it great when you se that kind of thing happen to the best people?

Bax: Hell yeah I wanna have lunch! Email me with your particulars!

Kitteh: Graves even looks a little like Christopher Lloyd. you're not far off.