Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rattle and schlump

Today was a long, exhausting day full of meetings and changes and phone calls. Tomorrow will be more of the same, so I'm cheezing out and telling you another funny conversation we had today starring Kellye.

Elliot: Man, my owner on the FrouFrou MOB was getting in my grill hardcore today, but thank GOD Howie stepped to the line and talked this guy down, cuz it was the owner’s fault that things were behind in the first place!
Pixie: Don’t you hate it when owners get overly assholish? I mean, really!
Derek: Oh, man, that’s the worst. I don’t mind getting yelled at when it’s my fault, but don’t yell at me out of hypocrisy.
Pixie: No kidding! It’s like when that one CEO of P___ R___ yelled at us when his building was leaking air. I don’t blame him for being mad about the evident failure in design and construction, but it was stupid when he got all pissed because most of the original design and construction team on P_____ R_____ were no longer with their companies four years later.
Kellye: Yeah?
Pixie: Yeah, he’s all “I don’t like it when faces change!” and we were all looking at each other like, ‘dude, YOUR face changed; you’re not the same CEO we built this hospital with.”
Kellye: What’s that even supposed to mean, when faces change? Like we’re shapeshifters or something?
Pixie: Haahahaa! Like we’re pod people!
Kellye: [throwing arms in air in mock panic] “Aaagh! Oh, I’m turning into an end table!”


faded said...

You need to use more imagination, Kellye could turn into a Mies van Der Rohe chair or a Frank LLoyd Wright dinning room table. You gotta stay with the architecural classics!

Miss Kitty said...

I agree with Faded. I challenge you to turn into a Mackintosh dining chair. :-P