Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back to the same old same old

I dropped Miss Kitty off at the airport this morning and headed back to Denver and my pedestrian life.  Lawd, did we have a wonderful time over the past 3.5-4 days.  Massages and pedicures at the spa, shopping, lunch with my coworkers, dinner at our favorite restaurants (including, oddly enough, Chipotle), an evening cookout with Guy and his mouthbreathing knuckle-dragging friends (okay, some were much less mouthbreathing and knuckle-dragging than others), shopping, rifling through the  DA office interiors library to pick out some plastic laminate and wall tile for Kitty's home renovations, an evening at the bookstore, and--oh, yeah, shopping.

Words cannot express how wonderful it was to have Kitty here for 3+ days, and to take time off with her to hang out and do girl stuff.  We would luvved to have had Baxtersmum and her puppeh with us, but the fates conspired against us.  Augh!  This only means that I will have to come to Las Vegas for a visit.... [shifty eyes]  It was relaxing and yet exciting to talk and eat and walk and shop and mock things and oooooh-cute! over other things with someoen who knows you better than anyone else and still likes, nay, loves you anyway.

I'll be home for an entire week in Small Town this year between Xmas and New Year's, and Guy will be going home early to enjoy some alone time with the kittehs.  But Lawd, Kitty and I are gonna have a blast.  I. Cannot. Wait.


Miss Kitty said...

And just think: poor Guy's head will EXPLODE when I tum see for Spring Break! YAYZ!!!

ms. kitty said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! Wish my sister would come visit me for three days (without her hubby, nice as he is) so we could just hang out and do stuff together.

Charlotte said...

I love how much fun you and your sister have when you guys get together!