Friday, October 17, 2008

How well can you eyeball?

Holy crap, this is fun.  Try your luck eyeballing distances and angles and see how well you do.  If you're feeling gusty, post your score in the comments.  The first time I tried it, I got a 6.0, and the second time (just now) I scored a 4.87.  Evidently, I cannot make a parallelogram to save my life, but otherwise I'm ptrry good at eyeballing the center of a cirlcle or an angle.  I wager Wilderness Gina will do well on this.

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St. Blogwen said...

Just took a crack at it. Came up with 4.75. My best event is bisecting the angle (I'm good at cutting pies!); my worst was finding the center of the triangle. Maybe that's because what I recall being taught was the center is actually what's called the "centroid." Oh.

I did worst on my best events on the 3rd round-- maybe my hand and brain was telling me I need to go back downstairs and strip more woodwork!

Thanks for the link!