Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cleaning house, but not in a barfight-kind of way

Today was grey and misty/rainy in Denver, which made it a good day for Guy to take a nap while I cleaned.  I managed to scrub the grout in the bathroom tile floor, mostly clean my shower and toilet, swiff most of the house, clean the kitchen counters and the ceramic stove cooktop, wipe up around the litter boxes and clean the litter box walkoff pads, wash up a bunch of large dishes, and do some paper-and-magazine cleanup and throw-away.  Granted, my sister doesn't care how my house looks, and the guys that are coming next weekend will hardly care how tidy everything is, it's just time to do some cleaning.  There's something to be said for living in a nice, clean space, where things are relatively organized and things are mostly sanitary.  Once Kitty gets here and picks over my closet, I'll then do a cleaning of my wardrobe.  But for now, I'm getting rid of paper clutter and dirt/funk.

When Guy awoke to see what I'd accomplished in about 90 minutes' time, he promptly took me to one of our favorite nearby Mexican joints for linner as a reward.  He did a little cleaning after we returned, but now we're girthing in front of the TV, and more cleaning will take place tomorrow.  Hence, I have no interesting pictures or articles for you today.  

But my house is almost clean.  Almost.


BaxtersMum said...

but is the hotel ready for the celebrity of Maddy, Bax and their entourage??

Xtine said... of many things to do on my list.

Although, it does do my soul a little bit of good to walk into a still-sparkling bathroom!