Friday, October 3, 2008

Scene: Friday afternoon, Pixie's and coworkers' cubicle area

[Pixie searches online for something, Norman checks shop drawings, Derek reads an email, Elliot redlines drawings for an intern, Ingrid draws on Revit]

Pixie:       Sweet!
Derek:     Find some good news?
Pixie:       Hell yeah!  The King Soopers pharmacy near my house is open 'til 9 tonight.
Norman:   What, are you picking up some Ritalin for a rave tonight or something?
Pixie:       [laughing] Noo, I gotta get Maddy's chemo prescription and I haven't been able to get over there before 6 all week.
Derek:     So Kitty starts chemo, huh?
Pixie:       Yeah, I hope it helps her out.
Ingrid:       [standing up very slowly]  Does she just get chemo?  'Cuz if she gets Vicodin, I could use it for the vertebrae I cracked on Tuesday when that chick ran over me on my bike.
Elliot:       [not looking up from drawing]  If you'da been in a bar instead of riding your bike "for your health", that shit wouldn'tve happen to you.
Derek:     Ooh, you could be our dealer if you're picking up things "for Maddy"!
Pixie:     [laughing harder, holding hand like a phone to her ear] 'Yes, King Soopers pharmacy?  My cat really needs some Xanax, and some Vicodin, and even some Valium.  She's really stressed out about this chemo.'
Norman:   [flipping pages on shop drawing]  '...and she needs some methadone.  Her DTs are so bad she's breaking furniture.'
[everyone laughs]
Norman:   Isn't that what heroin addicts use to get off heroin?
Pixie:       Yeah, methadone.
Derek:     Is it kinda like heroin or something?
Pixie:     Well, yes and no.  It has some of the benefits wi--
Norman:   Benefits?
Elliot: Benefits?!  Pixie, you don't need to go to a pharmacy.
Derek: Somebody needs some rehab.
Ingrid: [singing] "They tried to make Pix go to rehab, she said, noooo, noo, no!"
Pixie: [laughing so hard she's crying]  It's--I'm--It's not me I'm going to the pharmacy for! It's--"
All: Suuuuuuure.

[Pixie collapses into desk chair, laughing]

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wilderness gina said...

An all this time I thought the mood altering drugs were for Hazel dealing with Maddy's abuse.... huh. Live and learn, eh? You betcha, gosh darn it.