Friday, March 20, 2009

Calling all ArchiCAD fans

I'm having to work with another architecture firm that uses ArchiCAD, and my office uses Revit.  Supposedly the two software platforms can talk to each other if you convert the drawing files to an .ifc file type, but the other firm can't see my stuff in plan when they get my files, and I can see the other firm's walls, doors, and windows but not their toilets and sinks.  Any ideas? 

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Malleristic-Revitation said...

Yes... Get them out of ArchiCAD. IFC is hit or miss, but by and large it wont work well.

Even if you DO get it to work, items wont respect catagories when you get them, more than likely.

IFC isnt as seamless as it should be, and if anyone tells you different, tell them you want to watch them do it LIVE on a real project that they didnt spend a month setting up. No horsey duckey crap.